Car Dents – What You Need to Know

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For most people, owning a car always gives them a sense of pride, flexibility and, most importantly, convenience especially when it comes to moving from one place to another on a daily basis. In a sense, these machines make our lives easier and faster than walking or cycling, but all this comes at a hefty price. Apart from its convenience, a car's appearance and overall appeal are usually of utmost importance too. That's why many car owners spend tons of cash sprucing up their rides by applying Continue Reading ....

Can I Repair Dents Myself?

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We get asked this question a lot and the short answer is yes. You can always repair dents yourself, but the issue becomes the potential damage you could cause to your vehicle. There are plenty of DIY kits that you can purchase and there are youtube videos that you can watch. But if you are not properly trained in doing this, you will wind up needing more body work done because you can do some serious damage to your car. A properly trained technician has gone through many, many hours of Continue Reading ....

More Mobile Dent Repair Scams in Pittsburgh

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Mobile Dent Repair Scams in Pittsburgh There are so many stories that happen in Pittsburgh, as well as a lot of other places. The typical situation is an unsuspecting vehicle owner gets stopped by a person or multiple people and they are offered to fix their dents or vehicle damage, or they claim to perform paintless dent repair services, while usually offering a price low enough that you cannot refuse. What is really happening here is the scammers are not doing anything of value to your Continue Reading ....

Beware of Dent Repair Scammers

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We recently read an article about a dent repair scam company who was taking money up front for mobile dent repair and other related services and then never completing the work.  This was going on out in Arizona in Maricopa county. The mobile dent repair company was operating under two different names: “Dent Doctor” and “Auto Body Repair” and has been targeting towns and communities with a large population of elderly residents.  They will prey on people who have vehicles with dents Continue Reading ....

DIY Dent Removal

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Having a dent on your car is like trotting the streets with your white shirt stained with ketchup, yes it’s that bad. An unexpected dent will spontaneously ruin your car’s good looks.  Sometimes dents come from somebody sideswiping your car or an accidental mishap with a shopping cart.  Regardless of where it came from, having a dent on your car is not pleasing and sometimes getting it repaired at an autobody shop could be expensive. There are some few things you will require In order Continue Reading ....

How Paintless Dent Removal Process Works

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As far as body damage goes on your car, shallow dents and dings are not a huge problem.  They affect the outermost layer of your car and the only real downside is that it will not look very good.  Of course, this assumes the impact of the accident was soft enough that the paint remained intact and that's the assumption we will be going on for this particular article.  If the car's paint was chipped or cracked due to the accident, then paintless dent repair or removal is not your best bet. Continue Reading ....