dent-repair-faqsQ: Exactly how does mobile dent repair work?

A: Paintless dent repair is done by using special lighting to view the
intricate details of a dent and then from the back of the panel massaging the metal back to its original shape. A large variety of rods, picks, hammers, adhesives and special tap downs are all used to perform this technique.

Q: Does “Pop-a-dent” actually work?

A: We actually use professional versions of the glue systems that are sold on infomercials. We have seen many cars damaged by misuse and inexperience when trying this product. There have been dents that were 100% repairable by paintless dent repair that were attempted by DIY customers and these products that ended up being damaged beyond what we could save. This turned affordable painless repairs into very costly body shop repairs. It is always best to leave the repairs to highly trained technicians.

Q: Will the paint on the vehicle be affected?

A: As long as there is no existing paint damage your paint will remain just like new. Often times minor paint scratches can be buffed out when we are repairing your dent. Chips or deep scratches can be touched up and if you have the paint, our technicians are always happy to help out.

Q: How much does mobile dent repair cost?

A: It is very difficult to give an estimate without seeing the actual dents and damage in question. Dents arrive to us in all shapes and sizes and some dents are easier to repair than others. It will be much easier to call us or text us (412) 201-0585 and get a free, no obligation estimate.

Q: Should I notify my insurance company?

A: Notifying your insurance will not be necessary. While most mobile dent repair companies will be more than happy to partner with an insurance coverage business, the mobile dent repair service winds up being economical because it is often less than your deductible. By not involving the insurance company, you can easily prevent your insurance premiums from increasing.

In certain situations, such as hail damage for example, we will handle your insurance claim.  Your insurance

Q: Can you fix my dent if the paint has been affected?

A: It depends on the job.  Anytime that paint is involved, it is a more comprehensive process, thus more expensive.  Contact us to see how we can help you with this situation.

Q: What geographical areas do you work in?

A: We work in all of Pittsburgh.  We also work in the surrounding counties: Beaver, Butler, Allegheny, Washington, Westmoreland, Greene and Fayette.

Q: I have multiple dents on my car from hail damage. What do I do?

A:  Hail damage repair is a multi-day project as it will involve an insurance claim.  First, we will meet you to inspect your vehicle and collect your insurance information, sign the repair agreement and file a claim with your insurance company.  Second, we take your vehicle to the repair facility where we will do the repairs then deliver the vehicle upon completion.

Bear in mind that it could take several days, possibly even a few weeks while we handle the insurance claim with the adjuster as well as fix the damage.



Have more questions that were not listed here?  Call or text (412) 201-0585 and speak to a mobile dent repair specialist.