Car Dents – What You Need to Know

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For most people, owning a car always gives them a sense of pride, flexibility and, most importantly, convenience especially when it comes to moving from one place to another on a daily basis. In a sense, these machines make our lives easier and faster than walking or cycling, but all this comes at a hefty price. Apart from its convenience, a car’s appearance and overall appeal are usually of utmost importance too. That’s why many car owners spend tons of cash sprucing up their rides by applying premium paints, installing custom rims and bumpers among other upgrades. Unfortunately, all these upgrades can be rendered useless if the car gets dented in any way. Yes! Car dents usually affect your vehicle’s appearance significantly.

Now, despite the fact that many people can now own cars due to reduced prices and the introduction of cheaper models, maintaining a car’s beauty and appearance can be quite the hassle. Car dents are the most common types of car damage that often affect all drivers at some point in their lives. Some of them can be small, while some can be massive. And that’s why to preserve your car’s overall beauty, you need to learn about the common types of car dents as listed below.


These type of dents are usually caused by small impact objects like trailers, bicycle handlebars, and even low tree branches that strike your car’s body and gets dragged along. These dents often occur if you drive too close to walls, kids accidentally dragging the handlebars of their bike along the side of your car or when you are trying to find your way through an area with low tree branches.


As the name implies, round dents are often as a result of impact by objects that are round in nature. This could be anything from hailstones to sports balls like basketballs that may accidentally hit your vehicle while parked or during a hailstorm.


Unlike round dents, sharp dents are usually more severe and deeply shaped. They are mostly common around your car doors characterized by a sharp valley-shaped dent that could have been caused by a variety of objects. These dents often occur in parking lots from strikes made by things like the doors of the cars parked next to yours and so on.


As mentioned earlier, dents come in all shapes and sizes, and for a car owner, getting an extreme car dent can be quite depressing. That’s because these dents are usually massive and are mostly caused by huge objects that strike your vehicle in motion. These dents are irregularly shaped and can be caused by impact made during a minor car accident, people falling or leaning on your car, a bicycle crashing into your car’s body, impact from wild animals and so on.

Despite the fact that car dents can be a nuisance and occur frequently, they are also easy to fix. In most cases, these dents do not require you to repaint your car, but sometimes, severe dents may need to be complemented with a new paint job.

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