More Mobile Dent Repair Scams in Pittsburgh

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Mobile Dent Repair Scams in Pittsburgh

There are so many stories that happen in Pittsburgh, as well as a lot of other places. The typical situation is an unsuspecting vehicle owner gets stopped by a person or multiple people and they are offered to fix their dents or vehicle damage, or they claim to perform paintless dent repair services, while usually offering a price low enough that you cannot refuse.

What is really happening here is the scammers are not doing anything of value to your car and, in most cases, damaging it further. They will do something that they “claim” is going to fix your car but all they are doing is simply taking your money and running with it.

The moral of this story is this: Never accept business from someone who solicits you on the street, no matter how attractive the deal might be or how convincing they might sound. They are always trying to scam you out of money.

A real, professional company has a car or truck with all of the proper tools and operates from a place of business. And also has the ability to take and set appointments and drive over to you. They will almost always have a professional website and credentials with reviews.

These are the real paintless dent repair companies that you want to do business with. Make sure to be very wary of these scammers out there.